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One Team 2K Campaign


There is still no formal outcome on pay in England, Northern Ireland and Wales so our OneTeam2k campaign continues.

The Health SGE meets this week to agree the timing and format of our next Two Days for 2k campaign events so look out for information on that. New print materials will be available soon.

In the meantime, please encourage members to contact their MP using our tool to get them to put pressure on the UK government to stop stalling, and to gather support for our claim. And remember, we also have a range of
social media graphics to use.




Bank Tax Deductions

As you are aware UHCW NHS Trust, recently re-introduced weekly payments for bank work / bank shifts, it appears that some members who work substantively are experiencing some issues with the way PAYE (Income Tax) is being deducted.  


We have had some discussions with UHCW NHS Trust and have been advised that if any staff members that complete any Bank shifts and are experiencing difficulty with PAYE (income Tax) Deductions should contact HR to highlight the difficulty they are having with the details of any issues they have and the way in which PAYE (Icome Tax) deductions are being taken.


UNISON Coventry and St Cross Branch strongly suggest that you should either, contact Workforce (HR) by e-mail  or by letter and mark it for the attention of Workforce (HR).  

Social Media

You may have already noticed but we have been making lots of changes, to our current communication systems. The entire website has had a complete change and facelift to try and increase the activity it receives, further to this other communication platforms have also had updates. The Facebook page had had new features added to help make it easier for members to contact us, and we are planning on releasing a new Instagram account in the coming few days!


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