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 At our Coventry & St Cross Branch we have a dedicated Welfare Officer - Debbie Eaves - you can contact her through the branch on 02476965363 or email Debbie@unison-uhcw.com or Mob: 07535414699


Are you struggling to cope with the rising

cost of living? Finding that you’re having to

economise in every area of expenditure?

Help is on hand

We have set up a limited fund to help

UNISON members on low income with

school uniform costs by way of a

one-off payment of up to £120.

To apply or find out more about

other help that is available, please

contact your UNISON branch.

Supporting UNISON members when life gets tough


If you are struggling through an unexpected crisis, or if the pressures of every day life are getting to you, There for You can help.

We offer a unique confidential advice and support service just for members of UNISON and their dependants.

Whether it's just a chat and a sympathetic ear, or more concrete help you need, we may be able to help.

We offer:

  • Financial assistance
  • Debt advice
  • Wellbeing breaks
  • Support and information

UNISON is the only trade union to offer a confidential advice and support service to its members and their families in the form of a registered charity. UNISON Welfare, now been rebranded as There for You: supporting UNISON members when life gets tough.

In recent years, we noticed that the name "Welfare" was putting some people off, while other members didn't understand what services we provide.

So we've rebranded our services as the more approachable There for You: supporting UNISON members when life gets tough. The charity's official name remains UNISON Welfare.


You can also access UNISON Welfare by clicking here.

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