If you have any problems with your membership please contact Mick McMahon or Dorian Young

Updating Membership

Making sure that the information that we hold for you is up to date is very important. We send out a lot of information and items to members through the post, so making sure that the address we hold for you is correct is very important. If you ever require help and support from the branch then we will also be looking through our data base to gain methods of contact with you, this means that it is vital we have a contact number or active email address available. 


Should you need to update your personal details please use the following link https://www.unison.org.uk/my-unison/ or contact the branch.


Membership Cost

Membership costs from as little as £1.30 a month

Subcription rates are as follows:

BAND A: £0-£2,000 £0.30 £1.30
BAND B: £2,001-£5,000 £0.81 £3.50
BAND C: £5,001-£8,000 £1.22 £5.30
BAND D: £8,001-£11,000 £1.52 £6.60
BAND E: £11,001-£14,000 £1.81 £7.85
BAND F: £14,001-£17,000 £2.24 £9.70
BAND G: £17,001-£20,000 £2.65 £11.50
BAND H: £20,001-£25,000 £3.23 £14.00
BAND I: £25,001-£30,000 £3.98 £17.25
BAND J: £30,001-£35,000 £4.68 £20.30
BAND K: over £35,000 £5.19 £22.50
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