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Dear Coventry & St Cross Unison member,

I felt I needed to contact you directly regarding the re-issuing of UHCW NHS Trust car parking passes due to commence soon.
The trust sent out an staff communication on Wednesday 12th October that stated ‘A working group, made up of various staff groups including the unions, have agreed new and more equitable criteria for staff car parking passes’ 
We believe this statement implies that we have agreed the new criteria, charges etc. for car parking. 
I can assure you that we have only been present at these groups to advise and put forward comments/concerns, but have made absolutely no agreements with the trust on behalf of our members regarding the issuing of passes.
We are dismayed that the trust is not taking into consideration any child care issues that may arise from not issuing a pass or that they have imposed a flat rate of £40 per month for a pass. This does not take into consideration our part time employees and we feel this is incredibly unfair.
We also have tried for years to propose a tiered system that means you pay by either your hours worked or by your pay band, but these were also not considered an option.
We are also aware that the trust employs several family members, meaning that one family could end up paying £80 or more a month even if both family members are part time.
We again find this totally unacceptable.
Unison does not accept the current car parking proposals and wanted to make sure our members are clear on our current position on this.
If you feel you may have issues with the current proposals being offered, please can you contact me via email on branchsec@unison-uhcw.com and I will relay this information to Lincoln Dawkin, Director of estates & facilities.

Best Regards

David Jenkins

Paintball Day

On Saturday 1st October, our branch held a completely free paintball day for our members at Delta Force in Coventry. Thank you to everyone who came along and also to Delta Force, who made it a brilliant day.

45,000 paintballs and 120 grenades later and we were all war weary, tired but very happy!!

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